Developing Safer Schools

Parents, teachers and children are all concerned by incidences that have been occurring. From collapsed roofs, to flooding classrooms, sinks holes in the middle of school’s football pitch, to explosions in the chemistry labs, to bee attack, to gun shoot out in schools. Especially the latter has really gotten people thinking of suitability of home schooling. You wonder when the next child, teacher or parent will go on rampage, take children hostage and even shoot, killing or injuring, them in the process. Hence schools should develop threat detection and response management training for all its members’ even parents.

School safety

Common loopholes that endanger schools

While some of this school safety concerns occur spontaneously without warning, some have either occurred before or their signs that their will occur again. Most safety concern involve building standards’ than anything especially with old school buildings built in another era.

This safety concerns include;

  1. Unsafe and unstable physical structure.
  2. The school been situated along a busy highway
  3. Pedestrian and vehicular associated accidents in roads around schools.
  4. Unsanitary and unhealthy cafeteria foods
  5. Bullying both cyber and physical
  6. Presence of structures like mines, quarries, power plants, power lines that cause long term injury and harm to overall health.
  7. Presence of weapons or material that can be used as weapons by children.
  8. Presence of nightclubs, discotheques, bars and such bad influence place near schools.
  9. Presence of drugs and alcohol in school premises.
  10. Presence of people spreading material that contribute to religious radicalization, intolerance and hate speech.

N/B; this list is not exhaustive more challenges and concerns exist but the following ten are the most pertinent and relevant

Plugging the holes

While some holes can be filled up and be forgotten others need to pulled down and rebuild over. As we have seen danger manifest in more than in the physical sense, it also includes psychological and emotional. With each problem exist a solution and though some are simple others are complex. Most problems as noted by school safety inspector and experts are detectable, preventable and managed for future. Hence a sound administrator must exist to help look into this concerns and take charge of issues that arise.

Solutions include;

  1. The regular inspection of building structure to ensure they are kept to code.
  2. The construction of highway overpasses and the use of noise cancelling building material like glass and wall paddings.
  3. The placement of bumps, and signs to help both pedestrian and drivers. Also the placement of zebra crossing and crossing guards could help.
  4. The development of nutritious foods plans and menus. The development of better cooking and eating areas for the kids.
  5. The development of policies and harsh punishment for bullies and their perpetrators.
  6. A no weapons mandate or use of materials that could be construed to be a weapon on school grounds.
  7. The closure of unorthodox places around schools.
  8. Tougher prosecution of drug dealers especially to minors on school grounds.
  9. Monitoring and tough sanctions and penalties stop people spreading radical thoughts and intolerant geared speech.


Though we can’t protect our kids from everything we should trust schools to be at least safer places. As they provide learning and an education they should safe havens and sanctuary for our children despite different situations.