Importance of good plumbing in schools for our kids’ health and safety


Importance of good plumbing in schools for our kids’ health and safety


Majority of school children are often forced to live “a life of misery” in unsanitary conditions because of the management’s failure to take consideration good plumbing and safety measures thereto. There is significant difference to which good plumbing makes to public health and especially to kids in school. A good number of children spend a significant portion of their day in school environment and buildings. Exposure to environmental hazards caused by reckless and dangerous plumbing in schools can negatively impact the health of children.   It is important to ensure good plumbing done by plumbers escondido ca in schools for two main health and safety reasons


To avoid bacteria and harmful substances

This focuses on use of quality plumbing equipment. Bacteria and Lead is the most harmful substance that poses health risk as a result of plumbing mostly to kids in school.


Effects of lead

Consuming elevated levels of lead in school water can cause serious health problems, particularly for young children. Lead in drinking water is primarily from materials and components associated with service lines and facility plumbing. Increased lead levels have been shown to;

Damage to the brain and kidneys especially to young children.

Cause interference with the production of red blood cells that carry oxygen to all parts of your body.

Lower intelligence quotient (IQ) in children.

President Obama in January 2011 signed into law The Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act a specific regulation on plumbing facilities. It was to the effect that;

Lead is not the only harmful substance. Not prescribing to the good plumbing requirements for the health and safety of kids in school can also introduce copper substances into the water systems virtue of the metal itself being used in plumbing equipment. In as much as children’s’ bodies absorb more lead than copper, exposure can cause abdominal problems, Kidney damage and complications of Wilson’s disease.

Furthermore, plumbing facilities should be cleaned on a daily basis to reduce possible bacterial contamination. It is also fundamental to establish a flushing plan to determine how water enters and flows through your facility by developing a plumbing profile.

To avoid Leakage that cause unsanitary conditions

Diseases such as cholera are often carried by rusty old and leaking plumbing systems. Leakages by virtue of reckless plumbing in schools often result into unsafe drinking water and inadequate sanitation for kids. This is because there is a high possibility of sewage contamination on the leaked pipes hence actual contamination of water facilities in school. This causes intestinal diseases and therefore not observing school children’s health and safety measures.


Sanitation, health and safety of school children is paramount. Consequentially, the plumbing system ought to comprise of quality equipment and has to be well maintained.